Bilingual News|The 10th"Huachuang Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition Finals Held in Wuhan

中国网武汉11月15日讯  第十届“华创杯”创业大赛决赛今日在武汉硅谷小镇·科技园举行。大赛由湖北省人民政府、国务院侨务办公室主办,武汉市人民政府、湖北省委统战部(湖北省侨务办公室)、湖北省委人才工作领导小组办公室、湖北省科学技术厅承办。

The finals of the 10th"Huachuang Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition were held today at the Wuhan Silicon Valley Town · Science and Technology Park. The competition was organized by the People's Government of Hubei Province and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and hosted by the People's Government of Wuhan, the United Front Work Department of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee (Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hubei Province), the Leading Group Office for Talent Work of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, and the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology.


Since its inception, the"Huachuang Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition has become a crucial focus in stimulating the innovative potential of overseas Chinese, encouraging their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, attracting overseas Chinese to invest and develop in Hubei, and supporting the high-quality development of Hubei. In this edition of the competition, the emphasis is on talent recruitment and investment promotion, recruiting and encouraging overseas Chinese and foreign high-end talents globally to start businesses and develop in Hubei, stimulate new energy, shape new advantages, and contribute to accelerating Hubei's establishment as a pilot area for the national new development pattern.


After the launch of this competition, a total of 307 projects from 26 countries participated in the registration. After rounds of preliminary and semi-final competitions, 20 projects eventually advanced to the finals. The finals of the competition were conducted through on-site project roadshows, where participants presented their projects using PPT within a time limit of 7 minutes according to the draw sequence. After the roadshow, the judges provided feedback and asked questions, scoring the project presentations on-site.


"As technology flourishes, so does the nation; as technology strengthens, so does the country." As one of the main events of the Huachuang Conference, the"Huachuang Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been held for 10 consecutive sessions, attracting 3,007 projects from home and abroad. Each year, the organizing committee selects 10 award-winning projects for entrepreneurial support. To date, 80 award-winning projects have successfully settled, with a total investment and financing of 6.5 billion yuan.

(文/姚坤森 译/张弛、郭凝诗)