Bilingual News|The 23rd Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering And Developingopens in Wuhan

中国网武汉11月16日讯  万侨结同心,共启新征程。由湖北省人民政府、国务院侨务办公室共同主办的第二十三届华侨华人创业发展洽谈会(简称“华创会”)今日上午在武汉开幕。

The Overseas Chinese Unite with One Heart, Embarking on a New Journey Together. The 23rd Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering And Developing(referred to as"HCH"), co-hosted by the Hubei Provincial People's Government and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, opened this morning in Wuhan.


Since its inception in 2001, HCH has spanned 23 years. This year's conference received strong support from the Central Overseas High-Level Talents Introduction Working Group, the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and other central ministries and provincial and municipal governments. Over 800 guests from 67 countries and regions around the world participated.


This year's HCH is co-hosted by the Wuhan People's Government, the United Front Work Department of the Hubei Provincial Committee (Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office), the Talent Work Leading Group Office of the Provincial Committee, and the Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In terms of agenda, in addition to the opening ceremony and the 10th"HCH Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition, this year's symposium will also host 15 special sessions, including an Overseas High-Level Talent Session, a Hubei and"The Belt and Road Initiative" Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Session, and an Overseas High-Tech Project Investment and Financing Matching Session. These sessions provide excellent opportunities for overseas guests and overseas Chinese to exchange and cooperate, contributing to Hubei's efforts in promoting cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and other countries.


Planting the parasol tree attracts the golden phoenix. Since its establishment, HCH has focused on attracting talents and investment, signing more than 2,800 projects in past main events. This year's HCH focuses on Hubei's role in leading the new development pattern in China, targeting major deployments such as improving Hubei's scientific and innovative capabilities, developing five advantageous industries, building three metropolitan areas, and creating a new highland for inland openness. A total of 113 projects for talent introduction and investment were signed. Out of these, 27 projects were selected based on industry field, contract amount, technological content, talent quality, and regional distribution to be signed on-site at the opening ceremony, with a total contract amount of 30.8 billion yuan.


Using overseas Chinese as a bridge to connect the world, HCH, over 22 years, has evolved from a single conference to establishing a comprehensive HCH system including the HCH Cup, HCH Academy, and HCH Bases, focusing on high-end talent introduction. It has invited representatives from over 100 countries and regions including overseas Chinese professionals and businessmen to participate, introducing a large number of high-tech talents to return to China for entrepreneurship, becoming a bridge connecting the motherland and overseas Chinese.

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