Bilingual| Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering And Developing In China(HCH) Observation (lower part):Concentrating on overseas Chinese to create a new chapter

中国网武汉11月18日讯  第二十三届华侨华人创业发展洽谈会(简称“华创会”)于11月15日至17日在武汉东湖国际会议中心举行。23年来,华创会已成为全国统战系统的知名品牌和华侨华人归国(来华)创新创业的重要平台。

The 23rd Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering And Developing In China (HCH) was held in Wuhan's East Lake International Conference Centre from Nov. 15 to 17.Over the past 23 years, HCH has become a famous brand of the national United Front Work system and an important platform for overseas Chinese to return to China (to China) for innovation and entrepreneurship.


By pooling the wisdom and strength of overseas Chinese, the key projects have borne fruit.Focusing on the construction of Hubei as a pioneer area for building a new development pattern in the country, and focusing on the enhancement of scientific and technological innovation in Hubei, the breakthrough development of optoelectronic information, new energy and intelligent networked automobile, life and health, high-end equipment, Beidou and other advantageous industries,this year'sCREF has reached a contractual agreement on 113 projects. Focusing on the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the construction of"The Belt and Road Initiatives",this year's HCH organised 15special events; theinfluence and coverage of"HCH Cup"Venture Competition was further expanded, with 307 projects from 27 countries and regions.


Exchanges promote cooperation, hand in hand to the future. Focusing on the global cargo airport and airside industry, this session invites famous academicians, experts and scholars at home and abroad, representatives of aviation enterprises to participate in the meeting,andholdsthe"Huahu's Covenant"Ezhou Airport Economic special Sessionto discuss the development trend of theAirport Economic and the development mode, help Huahu Airport to build a world-class aviation logistics hub, and enhance theAirport Economic. Modernisation and internationalisation. Focusing on the characteristics and advantageous industries of each city and state in Hubei, this HCH builds a platform for the exchange and co-operation between overseas Chinese groups and cities and states in Hubei Province, and activities such asOverseas Chinese Businessmen-Jingzhou Co-operation Session, Canada-Enshi Co-operation Session, and Hungary-Qianjiang Co-operation Session, etc., will further help overseas capital, technology and talents to land in Hubei. Hubei.


From"going out" to"returning", one after another major projects signed and landed in the CRE conference, becoming a new engine to promote the high-quality development of Hubei."The reason why I chose to settle in Hubei Tongcheng is because of the local policy support and supporting services." At the HCH, Tengfei (China) Technology Co. Ltd. and Tongcheng County Government signed a project of LCD module and flexible circuit board with an investment of more than 500 million yuan."If you want to do bonded warehouses, you can come to Hubei, you can come to Wuhan, because Wuhan, Hubei has very good advantages in terms of both policy and business environment." Having ploughed into cross-border e-commerce for many years, Xiao Juan has built bonded warehouses in Zhengzhou, Qingdao and other cities in China, and with the help of the HCH this year, she plans to set up a new bonded warehouse in Wuhan.


Where there is seawater, there are Chinese people, and where there are Chinese people, there is the influence of HCH. Behind the global overseas Chinese people's commitment to the innovation and development of Hubei, it is the richer and more diversified content and increasing attraction of HCH. Relevant person in charge of the introduction, the HCH year after year as promised, is a vivid portrayal of China's adherence to a high level of opening up to the outside world, the future will bring together the"wisdom" of the compatriots, constructing the overseas Chinese return to the innovation and entrepreneurship development of the heights; to build a heart of the"bridge", expanding the Jingchu culture dissemination channels; deep planting of hometown sentiment of the"bridge", expanding the Jingchu culture. In the future, we will gather the"wisdom" of overseas Chinese to build a high ground for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship; build a"bridge" to expand the dissemination of Jingchu culture; and plant the"root" of hometown feeling to build a bridge for overseas Chinese to help Hubei open up.

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