The news information service platform (INFO) of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) officially launches recently. Registered journalists may log in onto INFO website via“Media” sub-site on the 7th CWG official website to access a host of free information, photos and video clips or they can visit directly.

Entrance to INFO on the English Official Website of the 7th CGW

The Official News Team of the 7th CWG is said to organize professional media personnel to collect first-hand texts, photos and video clips in the competition venues and send back to the Main Press Center (MPC). After strict editing and review, such materials will be uploaded onto the INFO for domestic and foreign registered journalists in both Chinese and English.

The INFO mainly includes eight sections, namely Information Service, Competition Schedules, Photos, Videos, Competition Results, Daily News, Opening/Closing Ceremony and Previous Games. Information Service contains Flash Quotes, Press Conference highlights, New Articles, Medal Presenters, Event news, Media Communications and Background Information. It provides convenient, efficient and considerate information service for all registered journalists to learn about the Games progress, competition results and schedule interviews.


How to log in

Personal Account No.: the first seven digits of the serial number under the bar-code on your ID Pass.

Password:“Wh@” is followed without space by the last six digits of the personal passport number.


Michael John with a bar-code serial number of 5136498-1 and a personal passport number of ea123456789cd.

Account Number: 5136498

Password: Wh@6789cd

Special App for simplified Online Media Center services on smartphones. Scan to download and click to find such media information as media notices, news bulletin, interview schedule, and Games progress on the day and/or in advance.

“Fantastic Hubei” and“Hubei in Pictures” columns on INFO


Besides, the INFO also sets up“Fantastic Hubei” and“Hubei in Pictures” columns to help journalists learn about Hubei. The civilized, harmonious, smart and clean image of Wuhan is presented in video clips, photos and texts from the aspects of culture, science & technology, travel, delicacy and economy.

Registered journalists may visit the INFO directly at, or enter the official website of the 7th CWG, and log in with assigned account and password to download free texts, photos and video clips.

WeChat applet of INFO

Besides, the INFO also has an applet on WeChat, by scanning which users may get the latest competition information. (Reporter: WAN Jianhui, Correspondent: ZHANG Tongtai)