On October 10, the Main Press Center (MPC), International Broadcast Center (IBC) and Media Services Center (MDSC) of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG) jointly held a press conference in the Main Media Center (MMC) to introduce the functions and service facilities of the MMC. This is the first time that a press conference about the 7th CWG was held in MMC, marking that the MMC is officially put into use as a whole.

The 7th CWG Main Media Center

The MMC of the 7th CWG is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone. The MPC is located on the first and the second floors, and the IBC on the third and fourth floors.

According to LIN Nitao, MPC Deputy Director, the MPC is the main workplace for accredited reporters and photographers as well as non-rights holding broadcast organization personnel during the 7th CWG. It is also the base for media and communication of the 7th CWG.

ZHANG Hailiang, IBC Deputy Director, introduced that the 7th CWG will witness a comprehensive application of the most advanced broadcast technology in the current radio and TV industry. The IBC benchmarks the highest international standards from design to construction. It integrates the venue broadcast signal collection, program production, transmission and storage, retrieval and comprehensive office work, with complex systems and powerful functions. During the 7th CWG, there are more than 200 signals to broadcast the Event to the whole world by means of all-media transmission through satellite, optical cable, and network new media.

The Press Conference of the 7th CISM Military World Games

It is reported that the 7th CWG has attracted media personnel from 58 countries on five continents, with the largest number of accredited media in the history of the CWG. As of October 10, a total of 4,130 media personnel have been accredited for the 7th CWG, including 1,344 reporters, photographers, radio, TV and other print media personnel, 1,632 host broadcasters, and 1,154 rights-holding broadcasters. (Reporter XIAO Jin’an, LIAN Xun, WU Wenhua)