Tianhe International Airport is ready to welcome guests and athletes of the 7th CISM Military World Games (7th CWG). China Southern Airlines and Bingbing greet visitors in Terminal 3.

Photo by reporter ZHAN Song, Changjiang Daily

Bingbing is favored in CWG section, Wuhan Railway Station.

Photo by reporter ZHAN Song, Changjiang Daily

Brand-new windows of the city

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and Wuhan High-speed Railway (HSR) Station, the important windows of the city, are ready to welcome visitors from all countries.

The reporters of Changjiang Daily visited Tianhe International Airport on the afternoon of October 3.

The north access road, decorated by flower ornamentations, lies Terminal 3. An arc reception desk is set after Gate 10 and marked by the sign“7th CISM Military World Games Athletes’ Village” in both Chinese and English and the torch-holding Bingbing is also there. Chairs are arranged by zones for, for example,“Technical Officials”. The head of terminal management, Hubei Airport Group, said it is the arrival/departure center for the athletes, technical officials and reporters who, upon arrival, will be guided to the reception desk and catch coaches to their lodgings. The Terminal 3, together with the standby zone in B1, is capable to receive 2,000 passengers.

The reporters also visited Wuhan Railway Station on October 4, and were impressed by its updated facilities and hospitality. Sculptures of athletes are put in the greenbelt in the west square. A CWG section is set at the west service station, where Bingbing runs and waves the flag of the Games, and behind him is a miniature of Tianxingzhou Yangtze Bridge in the backdrop of Wuhan’s skyline highlighting the HSR Station and landmark buildings.

According to the administrative office, renovated projects of the seven access roads, the east and west squares, pedestrian walks, Baiyun Road, Huanghe Road and Hexie Road are generally concluded, giving a brand-new look to the railway station. (Reporter HAN Wei; Correspondent YANG Yongyong, CHEN Duan, FENG Liang)

Pleasant environment of Hanyang District Beach Volleyball Center

Photo by reporter HU Dongdong, Changjiang Daily

Test Event forModern Pentathlon-Fencing, Wuhan Business University Gymnasium

Photo by reporter YU Zhiyong, Changjiang Daily

Wuhan Five Rings Sports Center Stadium, the first venue put into operation, will hold Men's Football semifinals and final, Table Tennis and Lifesaving competitions.

Photo by correspondent GUO Xianle

Test Event for Equestrian jumping,Horse Riding Sports Park, Wuhan Business University, the venue forModern Pentathlon-Equestrian (jumping) andModern Pentathlon-running & shooting competitions

Photo by reporter YU Zhiyong, Changjiang Daily

The Athletes’ Village, Huangjia Lake, will be open to athletes around the world in 10 days.

Photo by reporter YU Zhiyong, Changjiang Daily

Venues are ready

At 8:00, October 7, the Badminton Competition Management Committee made a rehearsal in Wuhan University Zall Gymnasium, the venue for Badminton competitions, covering all processes and all factors and involving about 800 volunteers and technical staff.

In line with the principle of“appropriate construction, eco-friendliness, cost effectiveness and post-Games utilization”, less than 40% of the 35 venues are newly built.

On October 5, 160 staff of the Women’s Basketball Competition Management Committee and volunteers spent a whole day on“desktop rehearsal” in Huazhong University of Science and Technology Optics Valley Gymnasium. The identified risks were solved on the site. On the evening of October 12, the full-process & full-factor rehearsal will be made in the venue for Women’s Basketball competitions, in a scenario of the final.

East Lake Sailing Base, after the Test Event and 2019 National Youth Sailing Tournament, has been fully prepared for the Games. Function rooms are defined for sports teams, competition officials and the media circle. Rehearsals will be made frequently to perfect service details.

According to the head of Site Equipment Division, Sailing Competition Management Committee, during the National Day holiday, staff of the Division were at work making rehearsals concerning details such as power, water, catering, equipment stock and boat maintenance. (Reporter YANG Jiafeng, LIU Shuai; Correspondent WU Jianglong, Su Xiaoli)